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Kimonyi reconciliation Village families received goats

Since 1995, Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR) have done a lot of activities like building houses to the vulnerable people, victim of Genocide and ex-offenders with purpose to reunite, restore  Rwandan community after the tragedy of 1994 Genocide. Last week we distributed 92 goats to the families living in Kimonyi reconciliation village to improve the quality of life of families

A goat is a valuable asset to a vulnerable household; it breeds easily and can produce up to 6 kids a year. Offspring can be sold to help families cope or kept to produce manure, which will improve subsequent harvests. Ideally, within a year, each family will be able to choose to do both: selling goats to improve their homes or pay for school fees; and using manure to increase their agricultural production so that they can produce a surplus to sell.

This project aim to promote solidarity among the families, 92 families that received goats for the first round, they will give the first baby goat to the remaining families so that all families would have goats. The distribution took place in a jubilant atmosphere, and all the beneficiaries went back pleased.

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