The Children of Prisoners

Prison Fellowship Rwanda has developed many strategies to support children of prisoners and their families. It is in this context that PFR has introduced CPP to support the children of prisoners from extreme poor families. PFR in partnership with PFI currently support 325 children of prisoners. The programme has made significant impact in the lives of the children and their families. Most of them can now have a predictable meal plan and are dreaming about the future. During the last two years, the project has created stability in the lives of the children of prisoners and their families through education support, economical activities, spiritual resilience, psychosocial support and counselling.

Prison Fellowship Rwanda’s goal is to ensure that these children receive four essential supports that will help them become productive members of their communities. 

  1. Education (We encourage school attendance and provide assistance with school materials, so children can develop the skills they need for a brighter future).
  2. Good health: (We make sure children receive essential health care and food supplement )
  3. Safety: (Visit the children to ensure their urgent needs are being met, including the need for safety and protection).
  4. Spiritual resiliency (Children receive guidance, anchored in God’s Word, from a Christian caseworkers and local church volunteers to help heal emotional and spiritual wounds caused by rejection and loss, and to help build their confidence

    In education, there has been progress in school performance compared to last time, this resulted from the interaction we had with caregivers regarding their role in supervising their children at home. Sponsored children are supported with scholastic materials such as books, uniform, pens, shoes and their families are supported to lift themselves out of poverty by receiving job training, business coaching, along with training to help poverty-affected farmers learn new ways to grow crops.



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     Number of     Children

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    During this year, PF Rwanda monitored registered children to know the challenges affecting them and their households and to see how they can be solved.  All the children in various communities were visited by Prison Fellowship’s sponsorship facilitators and community volunteers. Prison Fellowship also strengthened community-level child care, protection and participation through capacity building of the existing child protection structures. Over 700 people including parents, teachers and children were provided with training on child care and protection. 10 sponsorship volunteers were also trained..