The Prisoner’s Journey

The Prisoner’s Journey programme in Rwandan’s prisons

The Prisoner’s Journey  is a  Prison Fellowship program that brings about the real transformation in a prisoner’s life. This is achieved by bringing him/her in contact with the gospel of Jesus Christ (gospel of Mark) the son of God. Imagine a prisoner to discover  himself  or  herself   who Jesus is ? why he came ? and what He needs them to do/ so  what?  which is really to know their relationship with him as he has been sentenced to death at the cross so they finally build up the strong vertical and horizontal  relationships through the gospel of Mark . This is not traditional teaching or preaching, It’s about putting the Gospel in front of inmates and giving them the chance to make up their own minds about Jesus and see what the gospel says.


We start the programme with promotional events in which prisoners watch a powerful video containing what The Prisoner’s Journey graduates shared on its positive impact and the testimonies  that is an introduction to the person of Jesus Christ. Thereafter, they are invited sign up for the course and  experience this Jesus through 8 session courses  aims to introduce prisoners to a fellow prisoner –Jesus our Lord. The programme is running in 8 prisons which are Nyarugenge, Rwamagana, Musanze, Muhanga, Bugesera, Rusizi, Ngoma prisons and former Gasabo prison

After signing up for the courses, they are put in groups of 10-12 prisoners with 2 trained volunteers from the churches  to discuss about the materials, after 8 sessions they are able to discover themselves their  relationship with Jesus, they open their hearts and  rebuild the relationship with Jesus and rebuild their fellowship with the entire community especially their victims.

After 8 hours sessions, we graduate them with  certificates and full bibles, they sign again for the discipleship courses in which they discuss more on how to become the disciples of Jesus who are able to invite other inmates to come to Jesus and become his disciples.


From July 1st, 2015 up  June 30th, 2017 we have graduated  5,697 prisoners ; among  1,933 graduates have also completed the discipleship courses, Prison Fellowship Rwanda  has achieved these goals  in the partnership with Prison Fellowship International, Rwanda Correctional Services and 311 volunteers from the churches.


Since July 2015 up June 2017, we have received testimonies of the graduates who met Jesus, they repented, asked God for forgiveness, met their victims and asked for forgiveness so the behaviors change in a way even the prison staff confirm the transformation.




 Prisoners ( Graduates)