PFR has made progress in empowering communities to enhance their social well-being.

Emphasis has been put on income generating activities as a process to enhance capacities of families and promote sustainable self-help groups. While families should not be treated as passive recipients of assistance, it is essential to build up on their confidence in their own abilities and promoting their self-reliance. Farming activities are carried out in order to have food security in their families and to generate income for their cooperatives. The overall aim is to increase the financial security and support social empowerment of vulnerable families.

Economic empowerment is strengthened to allow people to think beyond immediate daily survival and to exercise greater control over both their resources and life choices. Prison Fellowship Rwanda empowers households with provision of livestock, agriculture training and lands. Mostly we support the people to take their own decisions around making some small investments and taking risks in order to increase their income. Currently, saving groups are operating to build social interactions and to become self-sustaining communities. In addition, PFR encourages acquiring vocational skills such as sewing, carpentry, masonry, weaving and various sort of income generating activities. Moreover, in order to improving their living conditions, working together in the cooperatives binds the members of cooperatives  for a common goal and increases the sense of oneness, builds trust, confidence, interdependence and create room for social interactions.