PFR uses IEC approach to share information, advance skills and increase knowledge, change and/or improve behaviors of the target groups which is vital for the achievement of a desired positive result.

Education is done through awareness campaigns, capacity building, training sessions and distribution of information materials to our beneficiaries. We foster positive knowledge for appropriate behavior in the communities we serve and raise their awareness on the problems they face, their capacities to overcome them; increase their knowledge in relation to their rights and responsibilities; promote preventive measures that promote their well-being and crime prevention.

While information and education require channels of communication, our communication materials include those that are printed such as posters, booklets, flyers, banners, and text messages and representative visits. For us to work in line with our values of Diversity, Respect and value for people we serve and those we serve with, we enhance interpersonal communication in a manner that is appropriate to the target groups’ culture, beliefs and values.

This approach provides a great opportunity for PFR to engage with people we serve, their local communities, establish good relationships and outline their specific needs. This enhances the effectiveness of all our programs, provides ambient environment for evaluation, improvement and sustainability of services that we provide.