This program is meant to address human rights issues, awareness raising as well as providing legal assistance to the most vulnerable people including prisoners, refugees, children, women, youth and persons with disabilities.

Prison Fellowship Rwanda has developed many strategies to support and advocate for social and human rights issues in prisons and communities. To date, Prison Fellowship Rwanda is supporting vulnerable prisoners, refugees, Persons with Disabilities, women and families of prisoners mainly children and their families mostly focusing on legal assistance, education, health, safety and spiritual resilience as well as ensuring community-based protection. The driving factor to this is to reduce the cycle of crimes and prevent recidivism in the communities as well as promoting their well-being.

Prison Fellowship Rwanda conducts campaigns to raise awareness of people we serve on human rights in communities and prisons. Community members and prisoners are able to know their rights in various sectors of life such as health, education, and others. In addition to this, Prison Fellowship Rwanda provides legal advice, mediation, and representation to different vulnerable individuals.