Why partner with us?

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at Prison Fellowship Rwanda, and has been since we were established in 1995. Our mission is to foster interventions that support psycho-social healing, peace building and reconciliation, restorative justice, spiritual resilience, crime prevention, human rights promotion and legal aid, emergency response as well as nurturing socio-economic empowerment in Rwanda in the wake of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi and its aftermath.

By working in partnership with us, our programs can enhance their impact, innovation or influence to help you achieve your goals.

Our work spans Peace building, Psychosocial healing, Restorative Justice, Human rights promotion, socio economic empowerment and capacity building and research.

How we support the Sustainable Development Goals

Prison Fellowship Rwanda contributes to Sustainable Development goals ( SDGs), working with leading international organisations and government  institutions. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to make a positive contribution – across peace and justice, because We cannot hope for sustainable development without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law. Yet our world is increasingly divided. Some regions enjoy peace, security and prosperity, while others fall into seemingly endless cycles of conflict and violence. This is not inevitable and must be addressed from grassroots level