PFR uses approaches to restore hope, heal the wounds of the past and build social cohesion among communities. " Community based sociotheraphy/ Group therapy" is one of the approaches introduced by Prison Fellowship Rwanda.

This approach helps people in a group format, whereby group members are given an opportunity to help their companions to overcome problems, as well as solve their own-MVURANKUVURE (Heal me I heal you). The approach is a practical example of a healing process with the aim of building a healed and reconciled Rwandan society. The created groups are becoming healing and reconciling circles, and are growing in the ability to heal and develop. The main goal is to contribute to transitional justice in post- Gacaca Rwanda through psychosocial interventions at community level aimed at healing, practical reconciliation, social cohesion and ownership.  The approach is used as a therapeutic medium to establish trust and confidence in one another, and open environments for discussion and peer-support structures. Healing and social (re-)connection took place and also reparation issues that were not resolved by Gacaca courts were addressed successfully.

Prison Fellowship Rwanda’s staff and volunteers are devoted to helping prepare men and women to leave prison with a positive outlook and ready to contribute and succeed after their release. In all prison facilities, we offer pre-release and post release services such as counselling, mentorship, life-skills training, parenting classes, and other programs that teach personal responsibility, the value of education and hard work, and care for the victims and their own families as well as assisting them in the reintegration process within the communities.