Volunteering with PFR

Volunteers provide critical support to help PFR deliver on its goals. They work in a variety of roles ranging from Peace building, Human rights promotion, Legal Aid assistance, psychosocial Healing, communication, information technology to administrative functions and more.

Volunteering at PFR is a great chance to contribute to your local community and to gain work experience in the humanitarian sector.

Contracts are usually for 6-12 months maximum.


  • If you are at least 25-years-old and interested in serving¬† Rwanda communities, Prisons and Refugees camps in the country, through volunteering you gain experience. You must have a university degree, and a minimum of two years relevant working experience
  • If you are at least 22-years-old and would like to volunteer in our communities, prisons and Refugees camps.

Current opportunities

There are no vacancies at the moment.